Perspectives on Later Life

What is your perspective on later life? Is it a decline or an ascent? A blessing or a burden? We want to encourage people to reflect on their own views and those of others, in the light of the wisdom and experiences of those who have gone before and the dignity and fullness of all stages of life we find in Scripture and teachings.

We have been reflecting on the joys and challenges of later life in our series of events in 2022 and have worked hard to make a great deal of this content available to you here as well.

‘Over the Hill or Embracing the View?’ – Perspectives on Later Life – 26th April 2022

See an overview of what we did at this interesting lunchtime event.

Click below to read through all 4 of the talks and more:

Celebrating Later Life

Coinciding with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we took up the theme of celebrating later life through 2 Tea Parties in June 2022, reflecting on the long life and faith of our Queen and talking about the opportunities open to us all and how we can make the best of them.

Celebrating Later Life – A Jubilee Tea Party at The Briery, Ilkley

Sunday 12th June 2022

We enjoyed celebrating our Queen and hearing Thelma Laycock’s reflections on opportunities she has had in later life, followed by chatting over a scrumptious tea made by the catering team at The Briery.

Celebrating Later Life – A Jubilee Tea Party at Wheeler Hall

Thursday 16th June 2022

We enjoyed celebrating our Queen, aided by thoughts from Mary Marshall of the Mother’s Union, and listened to an interview with Cath Mahoney about the opportunities she had embraced after retirement. We then had chance to discuss in small groups and continue chatting over a lovely afternoon tea from Nurture.

Losses and Later Life

As ‘losses’ of many kinds can increase in our later years, how do we face and make sense of these changes?
This was the topic at our online event on Tuesday 12th July 2022.

Watch this overview about the ‘Types of Loss and How we can Respond’ by Carol Burns (from the event):

As well as this thought provoking talk, we also listened to Hannah Stone reading 4 of her own poems about loss, and shared in the personal stories of Mo and Gaynor through 2 interviews. We enjoyed sharing in discussion groups before closing with a moving reflection by Mgr Peter Rosser.

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