Voices of Older People

We are delighted to share with you a series of videos from the Trustees and friends of Growing Old Grace-fully.

Memories and Musings – Ann’s Story

As part of a video project to highlight the voice of older people, Ann chose to talk about her encounters and musings about people around her experiencing illness and dying, and how her attitude to this important element of our journey has changed over her life.

Memories and Musings – Cath’s Story

In this video, Cath chooses to talk about how every day presents new opportunities and the freedom we can have in later life to grasp these opportunities, highlighting experiences in her own life.

Memories and Musings – Pippa’s Story

Pippa chooses to talk about the blessings and burdens of later life and her personal experiences of both.

Memories and Musings – Peter’s Story

In this video, Peter chooses to talk about his experience of a ‘shrinking’ world due to mobility issues, and his reflections on the deeper meaning of this in his life.

Silver Soundbites – When I was growing up

Silver Soundbites – My favourite age so far

Silver Soundbites – Reflections in the here and now

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