Inspiring 3 minute Eastertide reflection (with beautiful artwork)

As part of our Eastertide service on 24th April 2021 we put together this 3 minute reflection which takes words from a Lavinia Byrne piece and pairs them with beautiful inspiring artwork by Elizabeth Wang (Radiant Light).

TIP: Watch on full screen (or on Youtube) for best effect.

Here is the full text of the Lavinia Byrne piece for your perusal:

‘Resurrection Love – look at my hands and my feet’ by Lavinia Byrne

Taken from ‘Just One Year, Prayer and Worship through the Christian Year’ edited by Timothy Radcliffe.

On Easter Sunday, Jesus offers us the gift of presence and the gift of peace.

We are to know him in the breaking of the bread. Jesus does not want to be insubstantial; he does not want to be a ghost.

Instead, he comes to us and invites us to touch him. He offers himself to us in ways that are intended to nourish and nurture us. He promises companionship.

So where are we to touch him in today’s world? Where are we to walk with him. Where are we to find his hands and feet?  Where are we to offer him a piece of broiled fish and eat and drink in his presence?

Christianity is an embodied religion. It does not live in the pages of a book. Rather it invites us to engage with our world.

So are we to recognise the presence of Jesus whenever there are wounded hands and feet that turn to us for healing and wherever there is a road that we can walk down in his company?

The gift lies in recognising him when he presents himself in unexpected ways. We need to believe that we can touch him in our everyday lives. We need to understand that we can walk with him.

Our task is to seek out people who are needy and to turn our faces towards them rather than away from them. This is not difficult to do, for there are many wounded hands and feet that clamour for our attention. There are many hungry people who would love a bowl of fish, let alone a loaf of bread.

If Jesus is risen from the dead, then we need proof and we need evidence. How can we secure this in today’s world?

The Gospel seems to suggest that the way forward is to open our hearts in love. No one is to be excluded, no situation is beyond the reach of grace. By believing this and putting it into practice, we can become witnesses and carry the echo of his saving mission forwards into our world.

Christian faith is not a personal possession. It is always for sharing. So everything comes full circle. We can be his witnesses.

We can provide the evidence that he is risen.

Watch a video of our Eastertide service ‘Roll back the Stone’ (30 mins)

At our recent online Eastertide service on Saturday 24th April 2021, over twenty of us enjoyed reflecting together on the meaning of the Resurrection for each of us in our everyday lives, with the help of inspiring and thought-provoking readings, prayers, hymns and artwork.

Rather than publish the video of the Zoom screens (due to confidentiality issues) we have managed to compile a video matching the audio recording with the slides of the readings and reflections.

Why not watch this video (30 minutes) below for your own reflections.

(We apologise for occasional sticking in the Zoom audio segments -apparently this can be an issue with Zoom recordings):

‘Remembering with Hope’ – join our online service Tues 23rd March at 7pm

An online service to remember our loved ones.

On the anniversary of the first lockdown, join with us to commemorate loved ones that have died during this past year and remember them with Hope.

We feel it is important to mark the date of the start of the first lockdown with a reflective service giving space to remember those we know who have passed away over the last year (whatever the reason).

So a team of us at the Elizabeth Prout Bereavement Care (The Briery) and Growing Old Grace-fully have joined together to hold this online service , which will include:

  • Prayers
  • Readings of Scripture
  • Music
  • Time in small groups to share briefly about loved ones, celebrating their life
  • An Act of Remembering together – photos to be put on a tree at The Briery, names to be read out, and we light a candle together.

If you would like to, you will be able to send the name and/or a photo of your loved one to be printed and put on the Tree of Remembrance in the chapel at The Briery where they will be kept displayed and prayed for until Easter. We would also like to display the names on the screen during the service.

Instructions about this will be sent by email after you REGISTER for the event.

Let’s join together to mark this day with remembrance and hope.

Download content of our recent Online Advent Service: ‘He Comes, He is Revealed’

It was great to share with around 50 people at our short reflective Advent Service on Saturday 12th December at 4pm via Zoom.

We considered the theme of ‘He Comes, He is Revealed’, as part of this time of Advent preparing for the coming of our Lord.

Opening with a reflection brought to us from the the Chapel at The Briery Retreat Centre (Ilkley), the service included various contributions from members of the committee and recordings of our excellent Diocesan choirs kindly supplied by the Diocese of Leeds Music Service.