More Dementia Friends in Leeds Diocese

st-john-the-evangelist-2Mary Mother of God, Bradford, are now the 5th Parish in our Diocese to start the process of becoming a recognised ‘dementia-friendly Parish’.

Thank you to everyone who attended ‘Becoming a Dementia-Friendly Parish’ session on Tuesday 20th September.   Growing Old Grace-fully was given such a warm welcome, which started with evening mass.   17 people each became a Dementia Friend, including two people from the local community who are not parishioners.

We discovered that many of us know people with dementia, or we may be living with the disease ourselves.  It was a privilege to share our stories and, in this sharing, remove some of the fear and stigma around dementia.  Being a dementia-friendly parish offers an opportunity to reach out to those who are most vulnerable and voiceless in society and to show the love of God in action.

Thank you again to all who attended, to Sharon for organising the event and to Fr Paul for his kind words on the parish Facebook



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