Dementia Awareness Week

This week is The Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Awareness Week (15th – 20th May), and this year’s focus is to encourage anyone who is worried about dementia to confront their concerns and get in touch.

If you’re worried that you, or someone close to you, might have dementia, the National Dementia Helpline is there to offer advice and support on 0300 222 1122 or email .


Here at Growing Old Grace-fully we wanted to write our own messages to Dementia, and help us show people who are worried that they’re not alone.

Dear Dementia

There are lots of events happening this week so here’s a link to the Yorkshire events: and we are running a short one hour session on ‘Becoming a Dementia-Friendly Parish’  this week on Wednesday 18th May at Corpus Christi, Neville Road, Leeds LS9 0HD at 7.00pm – 8.00pm. 


It is easy to assume our parishes are automatically dementia-friendly.  How could we who aspire to follow Jesus think it is acceptable to exclude anyone?  Yet often people with dementia, and their families, do have that experience of feeling marginalised.  To be a dementia-friendly parish is to find ways to include people with dementia, so that they are helped to experience life in all its fullness and they know they are not alone.

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