Help during the Coronavirus

We have been collating information for which we hope will be helpful for you at this time – take a look at these pages for more details:

The impact of Covid-19 on 50-70 year olds – from the Centre for Ageing Better

Watch some really interesting video compilations documenting experiences of older people during Covid-19 – both positive and negative. 

A Second Reflection from an Older Person during Coronavirus-time

A friend we heard from in March/April reflects on where we have come from and where we are now.

Update on churches re-opening

It is welcome news that churches are able to re-open for Mass from 4th July, however measures need to be put in place. See the links on this page for more details.

New Grief and Loss Service

A new support and advice service is being launched to help people across West Yorkshire and Harrogate through grief and loss. You can ring on the freephone number 0808 1963833 or contact them through the online chat facility

Liturgy at Times of Virus

At a time when we could feel distanced from the Liturgy, David Jackson shares his inspiring thoughts on seeing the face of Christ in many other ways.

‘When you pass through the waters, I will be with you’ – a Helpful Booklet

View, download, print and share our short and colourful booklet of helpful information, tips and prayers for this time.

Loss and Resilience in Older Age

How can we understand our reactions and responses to the current time? Pippa Bonner shares insights on why we feel like we are on a roller coaster but reminds us of our resilience.

Facing illness and bereavement during Covid-19

Many of us are being brought face to face with illness, death and bereavement at this time. This page gives links to many helpful resources.

Where to find Mass and Prayers online

Click on the image to find a page full of links to live stream Masses, prayer resources, videos, radio, and kids resources.

Reflection by an Older Person at Coronavirus -tide

Read a down to earth reflection from an older person on day to day isolation at this time.

Prayers for our Time

Some prayers and poems to help us in these extraordinary times.

The Calming of the Storm Mark 4: 35-41

A short reading and reflection for stormy times.

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