Prayers for Lent 2024

Lent is the time when we engage in a period of reflection, repentance, and spiritual renewal in preparation for Easter. Central to this observance is prayer, which serve as a means of deepening one’s connection with God, seeking forgiveness for shortcomings, and strengthening faith. Through prayer, we seek to emulate… Continue reading

Lent Resources 2024

Pope Francis Lent message 2024 In his message for Lent 2024, Pope Francis invites the faithful to “pause” for prayer and to assist our brothers and sisters in need, in order to change our own lives and the lives of our communities. Cafod Lent resources 2024 CAFOD have a range… Continue reading

Personal Reflections on the Synod of Bishops with lay women and men in Rome October 2023

Many of us in our parishes in the Diocese of Leeds had an opportunity before the October Synod 2023 to discuss some of the issues facing the Catholic Church. Our feedback was sent to the Diocese to be considered, to go forward ultimately to the Synod. So, instead of being a… Continue reading